10 criteria for choosing a bookmaker

There are hundreds of online casino websites online. Some of them are big names whose shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange. In contrast, some are sites that make these online rogue rogue players, which can not afford to pay when you win or simply “evaporate” as a scam. Pointbet. So I wrote this article to share with you the experience of choosing the right website for online betting.

1. Prestige where online betting bookie registers

There are probably few people who pay attention to this, but in my opinion this is the basis for evaluating a good home. The business of the home is monitored by the state government where the home is registered, which determines whether your investment is safe. You can usually find this information in the “About us” section of the Web site. Registered UK, Irish or Australian registers will be closely monitored by the government, similar to those registered in the Isle of Man, the Philippines or Gibrantar. But those registered in the Caribbean or Central America are looser.

2. Bookie’s odds

The odds directly affect the profitability of your house as well as if you win. In the same game, different websites will offer different odds. The higher the odds, the bigger your winnings will be. There are many ways to determine if a player has good odds. But according to my own experience, I usually evaluate the odds of the players through the equilibrium odds. Under / Over, Asian Handicap and especially Odd / Even bets (total score of the game or total score of a soccer game). Normally, the rates given for these racks are about 1.90 – 1.90. There are bets on the odds for this bet is quite modest 1.85 – 1.85 (Bet-at-home) that is a player with the odds that I was not good.

3. Customer support and other services

A good home of course will invest a lot in care and contact with customers. You need to see the contact support form: Phone, email, Livechat … In my opinion Livechat is the best way to contact because your problem will be answered and resolved quickly.

Side services are sometimes also the criteria for evaluating a home. Example: Does the house support Livebetting (Bet on the current game – a popular form of betting today)? Is there live TV support? Or does the statistics show the results of the recent matches of the teams?

4. Markets and leagues

With the number of races and tournaments varied, the interest will increase a lot and of course you will also have more choices for betting. Famous players often offer customers many big and small tournaments around the world and in big matches especially the number of bets that the ladies give no less than 100.

5. Native language availability

An important criterion is the website support im native language. Of course, there is nothing you can do on the Web site interface, help, communication in native.

6. Bookie review and comparison on forums

Why should you do this? Because when you read the reviews you know the strengths and weaknesses of the house as well as the related issues from which you will choose a suitable home. You can refer to some of the online reviews. Or check out the 2 best rated bookies:

7. GUI and website design

A good homebuyer always invests in your website to attract customers with eye-catching and scientific interface that creates convenience and comfort for customers. A poor and poor website design reflects the level of profit paid to the client. In addition, in the present day, there is no shortage of applications with features designed to support Mobile, mobile devices Iphone, Ipad, Android etc.

8. Member of sport associations

IBAS is an independent organization and has the voice and jurisdiction to handle non-negotiable disputes between home and customers. Many of the IBASs have joined the IBAS to protect their customers.

9. Signup with different bookmakers

To avoid the risk, you should not just bet a lot of money in a house that should split the money and bet in many houses. Because doing so your money will be safer and moreover every one of you will have a limit on each bet. If you can not make big bets on a single house, then you can bet the same amount on different houses. Opening different accounts at different houses will help you compare the ratios of those properties. From there you can make a bet decision on the house where your profit is highest if you win. In my opinion you should open an account in 3-5 different websites.

10. Bonus and promotion

Bonus is a form of promotion of the house to entice customers. Bonus is probably not the most important criteria in choosing a house but it is worth paying attention to. Attractive bonuses of course we want, however, you should carefully review the terms and conditions of the Bonus before deciding. Because there are not big bonuses but you can get easy, but there are bonuses that look attractive, but to get is a problem.

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